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Our Flemington Favorites

Even though we've only lived in Flemington since November of 2017, renting our location and building our spa from our home in Sun Ridge, has introduced us to many area businesses. Despite having my roots in North Branch where I grew up in "The Partridge Family" era and going to Somerville High School, and Trenton State College (now, The College of New Jersey). We met so many friendly people here in Hunterdon County that we know its a great place to put our business. It's a really stark contrast to Union County, even though Scotch Plains is so close, (where we used to live.) Elaina, of course, is still getting used to America, even after 4 years here, and after 8 years in Spain. I think her Spanish will be really useful and her English is much better than she will ever admit.  This page is a list of people and businesses with links and accolades that have stood out for us as we have begun to build a new home here...


Matthew is a amazing. He is a lifelong resident of the area 4-generations deep, and he is a master craftsman when if come to construction. He has a warm and resilient personality that absorbs all of the stress of a time-sensitive job with never a harsh word. And, he is a maven of advice in addition to his skills and experience. Anyone needing anything in residential, historical restoration or commercial work should grab Matt as he is a valuable resource worth having on your team!

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Who could ask for a landlord with more compassion and wisdom than Dr. Fred?  Anyone who knows this man is struck by how humble and kind he is and how grateful he is for the gifts God has given him.  He has suffered from an accident that would cripple most all of us. But, from what I have seem, it hasn't cripple Dr. Fred! You can see how he absorbs life. How he has adapted and is the example for anyone of us with any challenge, whether it is physical, mental, financial, or circumstantial. I am so happy my life has taken me on a path to meet this person


DEPOT home away from home..Home Depot my depot of our money...enjoy it.  You have done such a good job. All smiles and hello's and lurking at every isle turn. Granted, your in-store product line is standard fare. But you have all been helpful and super-helpful when expensive orders flew a foul.

We love our Home Depot.
Thank you so much!



Thank you Jim for your
Coldwell-Banker work to show us this property time and again back in December. Running around with the lease papers and answering all of our neophyte questions, especially when you were about to fly overseas for a month! Everyone around here who needs to lease their commercial property should call YOU!

Bob Taylor

Ah!... what's the World without an older Master Plumber to stand around and tell a young buck what to do with a bunch of plastic pipes? Seems like how God meant the progression of Life to be. Perfection in the plumbing business... ahhh...

Good job... keep holding the flashlight for those young Journeymen John. somebody has to tell them up from down!

Pete, Pete & Re-Pete PM Electric

Three generations of Pete's have survived all 240 volts of the best AMP's Flemington could throw at them.  (But the youngest Pete has some testing yet)  This electrical crew is efficient and proficient, and of course they work by the Electricians' Oath... "

Say You will Be There... Then Wait 2 Days More"

PM Electric (Pete Mota) in Flemington is a great contractor, but plan on the "electricians clock." Other than that they are pleasant and fun and 5 Stars all around!

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