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A Professional Massage Business & People
Who Don't Know the Difference.

This web page about the massage business is not easy to write. But, again it is. Because this page is an education for anyone who enjoys massage but wants to know how this industry works.

There are different kinds of massage businesses in New Jersey. There are franchised National chains like Massage Envy and Hand & Stone, there are small American places with one table and a single American practitioner who caters to a small clientele, and there are several different types of Asian massage businesses.

All of these places are susceptible to troubles with malpractice. Especially, sexual malpractice.


And while Massage Envy employees have gotten recent bad press due to their antics, and Google searches will turn up "spas" where local laws broken get people in trouble - even in Hunterdon County a few years ago. People need to have an understanding of this industry as it exists for the mainstream therapeutic customer, and it's illegal format as is frequently evident throughout New Jersey.

Licensed massage practitioners are like the expert at your vitamin shop - whose advice is tremendously valuable. Their work revitalizes you and their advice is sound. You visit them for their hard work and healthy results. Massage experts are like that - they take their profession seriously and practice it within the boundaries of the ethics they have been taught as professionals.

For us in this business what is often difficult to endure and never talked about is the abuses suffered by advances from a customer who is in the wrong spa. The customer is certainly NOT always right when a masseuse is subjected to a  potential, new customer who is looking for the "other" service and doing so verbally and physically.

In the news you often hear about a masseuse accused by a customer. But, never do you hear about a customer who gropes a masseuse, or who asks for a "happy ending." And yet, fending off this type of behavior comes with the territory.

Even when you are a NJ Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), and knowTraditional Chinese Medicine like moxibustion and cupping, a certain class of people come into your lovely spa and become a low level threat. Especially, I think, if you happen to be  Chinese or Korean. In that moment
they break the law, and they are politely deflected, while being told, "massage only" in the interest of helping a business succeed.


It would be rude and unsightly to put signage in the spa announcing the strictly therapeutic massage provided in our spa.

We salute the bravery and poise with which professional practitioners of massage handle themselves with these misguided customers, but we do wish they would get a clue.

With our business we hold our heads high in this lovely Flemington town, and provide the massage Flemington loves!

For Ladies and Gentlemen -  Everyday from 10am to 9pm.

We welcome all customers looking for the very best in therapeutic massage and we hope to see you often.

But make no mistake, if come through our door grabbing for a hug, and asking for a tug with your rub - we have you on video if you do - as we show you the door.

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