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What Makes Our Therapeutic Massage Better?

A good massage is a different thing to different people and as you explore massage and pursue your perfect state of qi or state of body relaxation

communicating with your massage therapist and helping her build your individual massage profile is key to finding massage nirvana.

This good communication between you and your massage therapist and having a massage therapist who has excellent listening skills and

responds to your needs and preferences is the foundation of your massage experience. 


There are many massage techniques and disciplines within massage.  They are often referred to as, "modalities." Most massage therapists are training in a variety of massage techniques.

Although, also any particular therapist will have his or her specialties and particular talent or area of massage expertise. Despite this, they should never be singularly focused on any given massage technique, because a single massage technique is rarely the answer to providing the optimal experience for a massage customer. Many body therapy spas advertise these techniques as if they are mutually exclusive. But at Chinese Massage at 8 Main Street in Flemington we believe that the best massage blends these massage techniques to create the perfect massage experience for each customer.  A customer should not necessarily come in and

ask for a "Swedish massage" or a "deep tissue" massage.  If they were to have a mild Swedish massage for an entire hour the places that need deep and strong attention would be neglected.  If they were to have strong deep tissue massage for the entire hour they would likely be to sore to move the next day and the massage therapist would be exhausted.  The key communication between the customer and therapist that takes place before, during, after and between subsequent massages is the key to our masseuses at Chinese Massage to blends Shiatsu, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Back Walk Massage, Lomi Lomi, Tui Na, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage,

Hot Stone Massage, Pink Himalayan Salt Massage, and even Cupping and Moxibuction.  Be sure to be adequately communicative with your massage therapist so that your can develop the kind of relationship where he or she knows your personal massage preference or massage profile.  Your massage profile will be individual and personal to your and really can't be picked off of a menu of massage services. Most all of the local massage therapist in Hunterdon County and Massage Spas near Flemington advertise several specific types of massages for certain fees per hour. Although this can apply to certain exclusive types of massage, such as pregnancy massage or foot massage, when it comes to serving the typical massage customer, the singular menu item approach to body therapy just doesn't work in our thinking at Main Street Chinese Massage.  Don't just ask for soft, medium or strong either.  Talk with your masseuse about your work and activity levels, point out areas of chronic muscle pain or soreness.

You might even want to explore the "yoga of massage" - Thai massage, or cupping or moxibuction in pursuit of your Qi.

Call us at (908) 824-2650 for your appointment for the perfect massage for you.

Therapeutic Massage in Flemingon
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